Traditional Counseling

Using counseling to find wellness. 

Traditional Counseling often has a stigma to it that exists because of the fear of admitting difficult times. Stella Maris is setting out to change that perception through an empathetic exploration of your current situation and help you navigate a path to wellness. This is done through various elements that you may not necessarily expect... 
Whether it is individual, couples, or family counseling, the simple acceptance of where you find yourself can be incredibly therapeutic. We can help you navigate from your darkest days to those that bring light. 
COMPASSION: Stella Maris Counselors understand that no one comes to counseling to brag about how great things are going. We use compassion not only because we care about each and every client, but also because it is a human spirit need. It is our compassion, understanding, and acceptance that allows for a unified goal centered approach to finding wellness. 
HUMOR: It is not a surprise that Laughter is often thought of as the "best medicine." Stella Maris Counselors believe that it is through real human connection and understanding that we can help you understand the best path forward. Humor is an essential element to the theraputic relationship which can not only connect you to your counselor but also help you find hope in your situation. 
PROFESSIONAL TRAINING: Stella Maris Counselors are all professionally trained with diverse education and specialization. While we all share a collective wellness focus, it is our dedication to the field of clinically proven methods and approaches that makes us exceptional. 
WELLNESS: Stella Maris has established its practice on the search for wellness. We truly believe that wellness is a state that can be achieved despite any challenges that you find yourself facing. Whether it is depression, anxiety, grief, life adjustment, social challenges or elements of mental illness, we have the expertise and desire to help. We view the entrusting of a counselor with your challenges an honor and one that we do not take lightly. Stella Maris is equipped to help you navigate your path from difficulty to wellness.